Adam Jon

Greetings! My name is Adam Arsenault and I would like to welcome you to Myefolio. This site serves as a portfolio of what I have accomplished during my stay at Holy Cross College in Notre Dame, Indiana. Having been born in South Bend and growing up here I am quite familiar with what it is that this city has to offer. I am a proud graduate of Saint Joseph's High School here in South Bend and went from there to study at Marquette University in Milwaukee. It is funny the way things work however, as I ended up back in South Bend during my second year of college. After being accepted into Holy Cross I made it a goal to become an unmatched representation of what this institution is all about and to advance my life in a well thought-out manner driven by the embodiment of my competitive nature.

I love the challenge that college presents. I enjoy and thrive on the opportunities I have been given to set myself apart, prove my worth, and develop the already instilled competitive drive that will lead to my success in the end. This compilation of my college years articulates my experiences, my school work, and the jobs which have led me to my chosen career path. It is this vocation that I will continue to evaluate, build and extend. It has been my overall growth as a person that the HCC community has catalyzed that I value the most. I have gained a heightened ability to think clearly, a stronger body to face the adversity and persevere through it, and a more aware insight into how God fits into all aspects of my life.

The Holy Cross experience is truly unique. It is an avenue to a well-rounded perspective and the beginning of a path to a full life. With this encompassment of my time spent there I hope to demonstrate what I did to achieve the goal with which I set forth. I intend to have hopefully left my mark on the ground on which I have tread, the classrooms in which I was inspired, and on the people I encountered along the way. Enjoy!